SketchUp and LayOut for Architecture Book – the Step-by-Step Workflow of Nick Sonder

Designing a building is not always about the software used but it’s always bout the design itself. The legacy 2D CAD designs are outdated and give limited perspective. Designing in 3D will give the freedom to visualize the real life building.

There are different 3D software available in the market, however Sketch up software widely accepted tool for quickly building 3D models with easy to use graphical user interface. SketchUp is extensively used by architects to create perfect building models. 

SketchUp and LayOut for Architecture is a step by step workflow which eliminates the complexity of the software and helps to focus on the design itself. it also details how to produce beautiful construction documents for each phase of design,  including Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction  Documentation.  

SketchUp and LayOut for Architecture is co written by Nick Sonder and Matt Donley. Nick is a leading architect with more than a decade experience with Sketch up and pioneered in many novel techniques and styles. Also his workflow have been featured in numerous SketchUp videos highlighting residential homes he designed in Truckee, California. Mathew Donely, the co-author is also the author of the book SketchUp to layout and founder of, he have been teaching how to use sketch up through his online videos and one to one training for thousands of peoples. Both of them team up together to give the perfect solution featuring Nicks workflow in a single book.  Some of the unique features of the workflow featured in SketchUp and LayOut for Architecture is the user have complete control over the design to customize his preferences. Nick have put his more than a decade of his experience to design templates which can be used to implement the workflow easily with few clicks and its provided completely free with the book .This will save users time and effort to build the file from scratch. User can easily customize his preferences on the template to meet his requirements.  Not only does the book review overall principles and workflow for setting up and organizing a project in SketchUp and Layout but also it dive in to specific details and step by step techniques to master the skills to produce perfect 3D model.

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