Review of FluidImporter SketchUp Plugin – Import 3D files in just one click

FluidImporter plugin of SketchUp is an amazing tool that allows the user to import 3d files from anywhere into the 3d model created in SketchUp. User while working on 3d models can easily import files in 3d format by using this importer. This importer plugin has been written entirely in the C++ programming language and it makes the 3d import of the files quite easy, manageable and practicable. This program was developed by Fluid Interactive and it is quite popular among designers and the modelers that create amazing models of almost anything starting just from drawings on papers. Most of the users of this importer software are US citizens;however, French and Italians are also the most avid users of this program.Moreover, by using this importer user can import any type of file such as materials, any kind of textures, meshes or simply the vast majority of colors from anywhere and with much accuracy and speed. In just one click in which the software is downloaded on the system, file import starts without any hassle. While working with SketchUp3d modeling software, FluidImporter plugin may be the first plugin that the user may need to install especially when one is working with OBJ format. OBJ format is one of the most popular formats for 3D modeling and it is also commonly used. Other SketchUp plugins and extensions are also available which can be easily accessed from SketchUcation Plugin Store. These 3d modeling software plugins have solved the problems of many people by providing friendly interface.

fluidimporter for sketchup

Extensions: These extensions are freely available for a limited amount of time, however, after payment one can enjoy unlimited access to the features and tools. Once these extensions and plugins are loaded on the system,workspace management becomes quite easy and deletions or removal of redundant data becomes easy as well. One can easily manage and track the files and data and keep them in place. Although, FluidImporter plugin of SketchUp has many amazing features, but the most important and interesting featureof this software is that it can import OBJ files automatically as soon as the software is installed on the operating system. So, the users need not to worry about the import of all the files by clicking multiple times. Moreover, it can be installed with incredible ease without any registration and it is also one of the most user friendly SketchUp plugins. The total software size is alsosmall (approximately 12 MB) and it also does not take much space on the hard disc. People who enjoy working with 3d creations find this plugin quite helpful. It is also liked by designers and architects who equallyenjoy using this plugin. This SketchUp rendering plugin has made modeling much easier for the modelers who need variable number of templates, color palettes, textures and designs. Among the many other tools of SketchUp, it is considered to be the best one due to its functionality, variability and friendly user interface. Visit sketchup extension warehouse to download this plugin for free.

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