Review of Artisan Organic modeling toolset for SketchUp

The Artisan plugin for SketchUp offers next generation features to your SketchUp program, including improved sculpting and subdivision tools. Artisan’s has awesome and efficient organic modeling tools that help designers perfect their creations. It is great to use for subdivision modeling by use of a friendly and practical interface. It is perfect for soft transformations of sketched designs to give them a finer and realistic finish. Any rough edges are aligned to create a perfect artistic design. Its improved sculpt brush enables scoping of a model by changing its color grading to create impressions on the surface.

The Artisan organic toolset has a paint brush that basically adds rich color to your model or design. It has a make planar that is mostly used for terrain designs to create valley impressions.  Artisan is a perfect plug in for the creative designers who are involved in creating: – terrains -abstract sculptures – furniture – fabrics, pillows and curtains -Characters – Vegetation, rocks, and trees  Its make planner tool is perfect for modeling of terrains as it gives them a natural and realistic finishing.

artisan organic toolset

The sculpt brush is perfect for abstract sculptures due to the need for color grading to highlight its contours. The sculpt brush is perfect for furniture modeling as it ensures that it has its smooth ends and a paint brush may also be used to add texture to the furniture.   Another plus for Artisan plugin is that they offer purchasing discounts for people and institutions who wish to buy bulk licenses to be used for educational purposes.

However, the purchased licenses have to be more than ten. Students can also send their scanned student ID cards to qualify for discounted pricing. Unlike other plugins, Artisan can be installed and registered in several computers provided they are owned by a single person (the purchaser). Nonetheless, companies do not qualify for the multiple installation and additional Artisan licenses are required for every computer. The Artisan plugin for SketchUp is surely effective and fun to use while sculpting anything of your choice.

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