gModeller: Path for Energy Modellers to Use SketchUp Creating gbXML Files

Are you concerned about your energy modelling? If you are, then gModeller is the perfect solution for you.

There would be many plugins in this line, but the architects, designers or mechanics are simply obsessed with the idea of gModeller.

The experts or users – generally energy modellers prefer to use SketchUp to prepare gbXML files – keeping the energy modelling in their mind.

You have many facilities in line, if you have such plugin like gModeller.

First, the time that is taken for the conversion of SketchUp models in to gbXML is less than a second! It can only be possible because gModeller has auto convert tool pre-installed.

Second, gModeller can easily identify and label the surface of model and space.

Third, it can make any model compatible with energy modelling system as well as 3D modelling system via export facility.

gmodeller for sketchup

Fourth, it can easily import gbXML models into SketchUp without any complexities.

Fifth, once get the import of gbXML have done successfully, it can successfully export the Energy Plus IDF files from SketchUp.

Sixth, if you seek an analysis, then gModeller can give you Energy plus Analysis straight from SketchUp.

Seventh, gModeller can export NCT files too. NCT files can be exported for SBEM Energy performance certificate generation.

Eighth, making use of gWorkspace, gModeller can well synchronise SketchUp files to cloud.

Here, discussing gModeller, the knowledge of gTools is very important.

Uers can accommodate to store, share or backup datas and model to the cloud storage.

Another important aspect of gModeller is file versioning facilities. You can access any time in online via file versioning facilities just time stamping the earlier version of the model.

Just like any good chat system in social media circuit – Facebook or Linkedin, you can join by your colleagues with your buildings, needless to ponder over where your locations are or where are the team locations. This amazing system social media connection is called Team Share.

Not only that, the users can request to join or ‘invite’ their clients, joint venture groups as well as viewers via Facebook and Linkedin. The users can even straight export to the gEnergy – an energy analysis tool of gModeller.

But here is necessary information. The users have to install successfully the ‘Adobe Flash Player’ for internet explorer (Windows Operating System) or Flash Player for Safari (OS X). If it is not done, a message of this kind – ‘this content require adobe flash player’- can pamper you permanently.

Sometime, modeller’s faces immense problems to export the model they made, but here in gModeller, exporting the model into gbXML compatible tool (via gEnergy or Energy Plus Tool)

gModeller is most easy to use. It is compatible and well-suited with most of the energy and modelling process.

The applicability of gModeller is quite varied. When building low carbon emission edifice across the globe is a regular fashion, using gModeller via Trimble SketchUp becomes a pertinent solution.

It is also important to be note that gModeller can also be useful in other modelling tools – Revit or ArchiCAD.

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